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When a third man is killed in a similar fashion, Madden and Styles find themselves in a race against time to find the killer before another man ends up dead. Ana herself is a complicated delight, and by the end of the book I wanted to scoop her up into my arms. Fifteen-year-old orphan Ana Cortez has just blown her last chance with a foster family. Stella Duffy, a versatile and gifted novelist, is uniquely suited to bringing Theodora to life. She clearly has great affection for her subject, but does not allow that to undercut her keen eye and pitch-perfect ear.

An achievement that many writers will envy and few will equal. Charming, charismatic, heroic - Theodora of Constantinople rose from nothing to become the most powerful woman in the history of Byzantine Rome. In Stella Duffy's breathtaking new novel, Theodora , she comes to life again - a fascinating, controversial and seductive woman. When her father is killed, the young Theodora is forced into near slavery to survive. But just as she learns to control her body as a dancer, and for the men who can afford her, so she is determined to shape a very different fate for herself.

A fascinating, little-known period of history, a tense, exciting story, and characters who spring as naturally from their own time as mushrooms from the forest floor. Determined to outmaneuver her adversaries, Emma forges alliances with influential men at court and wins the affection of the English people. But her growing love for a man who is not her husband and the imminent threat of a Viking invasion jeopardize both her crown and her life. Based on real events recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the perfect antidote to Tudor fatigue, Shadow on the Crown is packed with nonstop action, romance, and plenty of deliciously creepy Gothic flavor.

The epic battles of the Anglo-Saxon are rendered personal, tragic. The fated characters disturbed my sleep and haunted my walks. You have been warned. Following the events in Shadow on the Crown, Price of Blood divulges escalating tension as Emma forges alliances to protect her young son from ambitious men—even from the man she loves.

Murdoch Mysteries creator Maureen Jennings sets her sights on a new character

In the north there is treachery brewing, and when Viking armies ravage England, loyalties are shattered and no one is safe from the sword. Rich with intrigue, compelling personalities, and fascinating detail about a little-known period in history, The Price of Blood will captivate fans of both fantasy and historical fiction. An impressive debut. A fantastic read all around. Prince Corin has been chosen to free the dragons from their bondage to the powerful Mycenean Empire, but no one, not the dragons nor their riders, is even sure what keeps the dragons in the Empire's control.

Meanwhile, Tam, sensible daughter of a well-respected doctor, had no idea before she arrived in Caithenor that she is a Seer, gifted with visions. When Prince Corin and Tam run into each other, sparks fly--but it's not all happily ever after. Never mind that the prince isn't allowed to marry a commoner: war is coming.

The Book of Boy

Torn between his quest to free the dragons and his duty to his country, Tam and Corin must both figure out how to master their powers in order to save Caithen. Christine Negroni pulls back the curtain on the people, the places, and the tragedies that have shaped this process over the decades -- an unflinching look at a system that most of us take for granted. Tying in aviation science, performance psychology, and extensive interviews with pilots, engineers, human factors specialists, crash survivors, and others involved in accidents all over the world, The Crash Detectives is an alternately terrifying and inspiring book that might just cure your fear of flying, and will definitely make you a more informed passenger.

New York Times bestseller. Grateful readers could scarcely ask for more. Chronicling an incredible unsolved murder, Midnight in Peking captures the aftermath of the brutal killing of a British schoolgirl in January The mutilated body of Pamela Werner was found at the base of the Fox Tower, which, according to local superstition, is home to the maliciously seductive fox spirits. As British detective Dennis and Chinese detective Han investigate, the mystery only deepens and, in a city on the verge of invasion, rumor and superstition run rampant.

Based on seven years of research by historian and China expert Paul French, this true-crime thriller presents readers with a rare and unique portrait of the last days of colonial Peking. In doing so, he draws a chilling portrait of the city's decadent, violent and overly-privileged Euro-American expatriate community.

The 3 Most Important Things In Your Life by Mike Murdock, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

It is a feat comparable to that of White Mischief. Fascinating and irresistible. I couldn't put it down. Hayden, Steven L. Kiefer, Susan H. Patron, Connie Pottle, Evelyn C. Walker, Barbara Will. Vandergrift, Mary E. Edmonds, Sue G. Kennedy, Susan D.

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Lempke, Donna Matthews, Dianne L. Spirt, Peggy Whalen-Levitt. Benne, Jo Ann G. Bell, Melody A. Brown, Floyd C. Dickman, Anne R. McConnell, Carol B. McCulloch, Elizabeth M. Simmons, Patsy L. Duff, Susan H.

Larson, Joyce W. Mills, Selma K. Richardson, Cynthia K. Richey, Marylett R. Robertson, Frances A. Smardo, Fannette H. Euller, Elizabeth F. Howard, Andrea L. Marantz, Lucy C. Marx, Emily H. McCarty, Janet R. Moltzan, Bruce C.

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Iarusso, Patricia A. Bakula, Jane M. Bingham, Clara N. Bohrer, Bernice E. Cullinan, Nancy T. Elsmo, Jane E. Gardner, Ethel L. Heins, Jan Moltzan, Karen M.

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