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He and I chatted awhile on and off about how maybe a person could prove inter-dimensionality through this but it all fell apart. We realized if you had any objects "proving" something like that, there would be some trouble discerning whether those objects were from another dimension, which dimension they were from, and so on. I concluded that some of the news items I had seen may or may not have been intrusive, like radio waves or objects from another dimension. There's no real way to verify any of it. I used to get worried when I'd run into this phenomenon, because for awhile I believed that these "shits" were linked to personal behaviour, as if they might carry a moral lesson.

But it's just not the case. It's entirely random, I think. Or it's linked to some principle but it's not a moral principle. I have had a strange thing happen several times now and I am not sure why. I am standing when it happens. I all of a sudden feel quite a bit taller than I actually am. I have a skeptic friend who I hadn't told about this and still haven't.

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I was at her house and felt "taller". She looked at me and said I shrugged it off and said that I felt taller.

Tremors: Ghost On The Landing

It also happened at a psychologist appointment. She has a PhD I do have MPD so not sure if that adds to this phenomenon.


If these people hadn't said anything I would not have given it much thought, but it is not just me feeling it Any ideas why? Well, one time I was at my Dad's house. He went into the kitchen and I was just sitting in my chair. We had Wii system so there was a pile of games on a shelf beside it. Suddenly,some of the games lifted up, like someone was checking what was under them. There was no winds or other people around who could do that. And besides, a wind couldn't have done it, the way it lifted.

My dad lives on a hill in Stewiacke, a small town in Nova Scotia. His family has lived there for a long time. There are three houses on the hill: My dad's actually his dad's workshop , A big house, and a little house. My grandpa on my dad's side died, so my grandma moved into the little house, from the big house.

And now she rents the big one out to people. Could it have been my grandpa?

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Or maybe my great grandma? AT on Feb. It was so loud that I was yelling to "look out" before I was fully awake and I jumped of my bed and crouched looking out the window as I fully woke up.

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I then saw what looked like a large reddish object which I thought was a meteorite or some other rock. It moved from North to South very fast and very loud. I was stunned with my jaw dropped for over a minute before I could even think anything. I expected it to hit and rock the world, but it was just gone. I've seen lots of military airplanes and meteor showers, but never anything like this. Loud hollow trumpet soucoming from the sky appeared to be from the West but could not be sure. These sounds startled my dog first and there was like a rattling or trembling but again could not tell from which direction it was coming from at first, then my dog looked up in the sky towards the Northwest direction.

These loud trumpet sounds were definitely coming from the sky and was not traffic or anything else on land. I lived and worked on a cattle farm in Corofin, Co Clare in Ireland 22 years ago when I was 21 years old.

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It was an old stone farm house and I was to help andcompany for the older mother who lived there alone. I loved it there and was never scared till this event happened. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and couldn't find the light switch on the bedroom wall. I felt around and there was now raw stone where there previously had been wall paper white with small pink roses and green leaves It felt cold and I felt my way around the wall where I knew things to be and there was no dresser, chair or window seat that looked out over the fields.

There was a door way and I held onto the edges feeling scared and confused. I talked to myelf and said I must be dreaming so just pinch yourself and you'll wake up, It didn't work. I was clearly thinking and knew this was not a dream but I didn't know what it was or what to do. I got down on my knees and crawled through the doorway to what should be the landing to the other bedrooms and staircase and I just sat there with my arms around my knees.

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I heard loud breathing that sounded gruff or growly that coming from where Pauline the mother slept. I was scared and called her a couple times but not too loud as I didn't know what was making that breathing sound as it didn't sound like her.

click I decided to just stay where I was and hope the sun would come up soon. I sat on the ground all night in a place I didn't go to bed in,freaked out and not knowing how, why or what was going to happen. I kept my head buried in my arms and finally peaked up when I saw a little licoming up from outside. I sat there till I could see the 'house' clearly and it looked the same as normal again. I went into my bedroom and walked around feeling the walls which again had wallpaper and was satiny smooth. I sat on my bed with the covers pulled back and wrote whhat I had experienced down on paper.

I waited till I heard Pauline waking up till I even moved from the room. I was very shocked and didn't know what to say or do when I finally got dressed and talked to Pauline I just asked her if anything weird had happened in the house to her before and she said no and why? I never told her, I have only told 1 other person till now. I never bought into her devotion to god and joked about all the bleeding heart pictures around the house but that next evening when I went to bed I prayed to the picture of god on the wall in front of my bed and I slept through the night from then on. AfterI left there and went back to London I left all the religion behind.

I did and still do experience things I can't explain but nothing like that.

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I alway's wondered if anyone else has experienced the same or similar and how would I find them to talk about it? After days of heavy rain I went outside to pot some plants, as the sun had finally come out. To my surprise when I looked in my hanging baskets I found deposits of what initially looked like frog spawn bearing in mind the hanging baskets are 8ft off the ground. I looked closer at the substance and could see that it was completely clear and had no odour. Stranger still is that it only appeared in my hanging baskets all of them but occured nowhere else in my garden.

I have no idea what this stuff is and have kept a sample for interested parties. Camping, nightime, sitting 'round cammpfire facing out towards the lake. Kinda overcast. Hear behind us the very loud sound of elecrical current.